Our clients have been assessing their buildings for safety risks and taking urgent action where needed, including identifying, removing and replacing category 3 ACM cladding, as well as recognising and remediating other types of cladding in line with government guidance.

Guidance issued by The Independent Expert Advisory Panel on 20th January 2020, includes a clear requirement for ACM cladding with an unmodified category 3 polyethylene filler to be removed from residential buildings of any height and when used in combination with any form of insulation. The Independent Expert Advisory Panel has concluded that this cladding material represents a fire hazard on residential buildings of all heights. The note also covers the safety of external walls, smoke control systems, fire doors and short-term measures that should be put in place if significant safety issues are identified.

We specialise in remedial fire cladding, fire safety and façade restorative works, cost-effective solutions for our clients. We’re working closely with numerous clients in response to these guidance updates and complying with EWS1 certification.